Paper Boats- Revert to childhood

August 30, 2014

Paper boats, are you crazy? We are no more kids! Move now……. But I stood at the stream wearing my office suit  holding the half folded paper, creased on the side, torn from the book…..the book which fell off my working desk by the thrust of the last tear!! Hurt? Can lifeless things be hurt, no…yes…..don’t know!!! That book was the records of my thoughts, my emotions and my secret keeper!! Did I hurt the one which has managed to pile up so many emotions…. I guess!!
         Wind screamed, thunder rumbled and I snapped out of my thoughts, the half folded paper still in my hands, wet on corners by the drizzle… let’s go! A voice screamed again but I stood there having an astonishing vision in the waters….surprised!! Yes …surprised!! I saw a kid of age 7, the same innocence, and the same desire to explore, sparkling in the eyes holding the paper boat…. A drop from the leaf overhead fell in the waters and in the ripples I lost the vision!!
Wait!!! Age 7, how? It was me in the waters? Could I be a kid again, can I have my innocence back?
Hey! Are you coming?.... I heard the voice again but choose to ignore it and searched for myself! I lost myself as the water got blurrier by the ripple…. A voice now whispered in my mind…. Yes you can be a kid again!! Yes you can!! Pacific now I  stared back at the stream, holding the half folded, creased, torn, wet paper…yes… half built paper boat !! A tire screeched on the road side…..breeze shook the branches mildly and   I slipped the paper into my pockets and walked to my office… slow as I didn't want to rush through this ,still dreaming of the vision…I reached my desk!! Picked up my book which lied in solace on the floor proving its lifelessness!! Another memory…. Another thought….. I chuckled and slipped the paper in the book along with the other half built paper boats…. Yes….37 paper boats…. 37 times of childhood…37 times of peace!! 38 now…. And the count doesn't stop here…. Many paper boats to come from my book of emotions to make me a kid again…..yes billions may be!! 

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