Paranormal Love- A taste of horror and love

August 31, 2014

Caramel jeans torn and bedraggled, his favorite books are half swallowed by mud ants. The bulb that glowed brighter whenever she came was now soiled. The picture frame, brown borders with metallic finish is all rusted and muddied. His desk is now a never ending feast to termites, slowly dying in the darkness. Curtains are stuck to their places. No window has been opened again after that day. Jammed now!! Glass panes have drops of water still racing to reach the bottom…. Moving, running, crawling but the life inside was immobile. His desk has a little lamp, an oil lamp crafted in 'BIDRI' art from India….the only possession that mattered now….yes..her gift to him!! Wind screamed again and shook the dowdy picture frame, the frame in which the picture has already faded away by a layer of dust and mist that often paid him visits… visitors? He has none others. No one paid him a visit any more…but one...yes the one that no one else could see!!
A breeze sneaked in from the broken panes and the frame danced to its rhythm….but did not fall down….of course she had it hanged there!!! Long blue gown, raven hair, scarlet lipstick, the mark on the cheek, a heart shaped pendant, the ribbon around her wrist…, the picture didn't show any of them… but he remembers!! He remembers the day the picture was taken, he remembers her plea for a re-click, he remembers the smell of her Latin perfume….he remembers the day she died in the car crash while coming to meet him. He remembers he could do nothing but weep… and now he reckons that he sees her every day …dreams?? No…not dreams…but he sees her, feels her, believes her, and breathes her again!! Yes….he does.

His last phrases scribbled on the paper lie half dead on the desk, with the ink from the pot spilled over the floor… tear stains have managed to rub nothing but just a layer of dust!! The paper that is a proof that she is there, that he sees her, that he feels her!! The paper that says……..

“Wolves howled when the leaves rustled,
Retiring to their barns in hustle,
Dark night filled with mist,
Broken cage by a strong twist,
The world is calm in fear too,
For what it was they knew,
Footsteps breaking the twigs,
Eyes open I didn't squeak,
Dumbstruck, ready to be possessed,
I stood in front of you obsessed,
Holding your hands hidden in your gloves,
Paranormal as you are my love!!!!”
                                                      “I feel her!! Do you???”

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