The "you"- A tale of love

August 29, 2014

"So do you have memories? The one drenched in rain, smoked in the Italian pasta, burnt in the chocolate and lived by two hearts? Do you... The huge rock that read the name of the restaurant, huge, blotted staring at me from a mile. The 3 steps distance from you, your smile, your fragrance, yes….. 3 steps, I was counting every inch that stood between us, every breathe I took to reach you, every thought that I thought. 43 images of you flashed before me till I reached you. Now blank…yes… just staring at you!! You looked up, smiled and drew back to the wall. Retro world ambiance tangled with the dazzling lanterns of this world covered in the mist of fragrances made you look prettier. Sitting under the silly flowers which thought can save us from the tears of sky. Silly flowers...  weren't they? Yes … she muttered. The sky decided to light itself with the moon and the two desperate candles on our table decided to burn for us. Yes us…the two of us who were none but two strangers two days back… who now have everything clear on their mind and nothing clear on their plates, not eating! Everything seemed to have calmed down…the clocks have stopped, the earth has gone stagnant, everyone froze but we lived, breathed, dreamed, loved each other. Yes …. The two of us who will never be strangers again. So I have a memory!! Do you?"

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