Mad Man Talk- a different world.

September 07, 2014

Listen, look at the man over there, “He is mad”, my friend chuckled as he pointed at an old man ,at the steps of a closed shop. Bedraggled clothes, dowdy hair having all the twists and turns that a river would have running down a mountain, overgrown beard  almost hiding his face, bluntly showing his desire to disguise himself, nails grown enough to cut through anything but not his madness. A pack of newspapers, few empty cans, a half squeezed bottle and a totally different world was all that he had.  A world which dates back to his past, back to his family, back to the time when he was sane businessman who lost everything to a disaster, an apocalypse of his life.  He sat at the steps mumbling numbers to himself as he rustled through the newspaper, numbers that made no sense to me.
       My friend was more amused than concerned. He muttered, “Mad man”, and started giggling. Mad man! That was a strong word and I grew curious about his judgment. What allowed him to decide that he was lunatic and to be disgusted? May be  his half torn clothes and his constant mumbling of numbers, but then what would the saints of this country be called, who spend years meditating and mumbling over millions of god’s name not bothered about their attire or even their existence…….. Are they mad too? Or maybe it was his different world that he lived in….!! A world that does not even exist!! But then what about the writers and poets and the scientists, who see what does not even exist but still believe in it. What about the sages of our country who foretell the future…. A future that they believe they can see… isn't the future a different world too. Can we call them lunatic? Definitely not! But that one.. near the steps, lost in his thoughts was surely a mad man.

I drew closer and sat nearer to him, listening to what this mad man has got to tell about his world… a world that might have existed. .... Yes a world in the MAD MAN’S TALK, who can never be sane again.

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