Nothing- A thought over something

September 02, 2014

                                               (Does the pic say nothing or something!)

Nothing!! That’s a strange word. 4 pm at the coffee shop on a Sunday evening, I asked her,” What’s between us?” Nothing”, she whispered while texting to her friend. Nothing!!” How could there be nothing?” I thought to myself. I drew back on my chair and felt the breeze hit the chimes at the shop’s door. The chimes were singing now and the air glided from the door and slithered between our coffee mugs. Between the gap where there was “nothing”!! Nothing!! I was still whispering it to myself … softly! A series of thoughts stroked my thinking and I went from air to molecules to atoms to electrons to quartz trying to find her “nothing”.
                                                   Nothing!! Having my eyes still fixed at the gaps, I thought  if air existed between everything, what existed between the air molecules?? Nothing!? I put my palm between the gaps to feel the air again! Vacuum, a voice screamed in my head and my thoughts rolled on an article over vacuum and space, does nothing mean vacuum? Does vacuum mean not having anything? Then how does our universe have vacuum and still have something? A bunch of lilies, set of tissue papers, 2 spoons, knitted cloth covering, I saw nothing of them but just the two coffee mugs. Sweet coffee aroma mixed in the fragrance of the raspberries from the pie, I felt nothing of them but just the air gliding through the gap, still wondering what nothing is? Does nothing mean having something so minute that it could adeptly hid itself? Does nothing mean having something and not reckoning its presence? Does nothing mean not meaning nothing at all? May be yes…yes!! So there is always a minute something in every nothing!

                             I looked at her, chuckled and whispered, yeah nothing…… may be “nothing”!!!

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