Panorama- the larger picture

September 18, 2014

“Click a pic!” Arnav threw his camera at me while he got himself busy appreciating the beauty of place. 9 am in the morning and we were at the fort palace of Nizams, rulers of Hyderabad and nothing got better than peeping over the city from the fort top. More than 5 decades since the abdication and the essence of strength has not abandon the fort yet. Beautiful gardens, like a speaking art of a connoisseur. Each boulders that measured half my height, piled up to make that place an everlasting fort. “Pic!” Arnav screamed from far, “use panorama mode”, he added while I was still busy exploring the fort. Panorama mode! I haven’t acquainted myself with it before. I surfed through his options of modes, 30 plus in number, before I slipped on panorama mode. I selected it.  A green bordered rectangle urged me to move the screen to right after I began clicking a shot. Move right! The voiceless arrow along the border was screaming. I did that without questioning. It stuck for a second on the screen and again urged me to move right. Right!!! Why go right when I have a better view downwards? I tried to fool it by sliding the screen down. The piece of wires breathing on software with the grace of few electrons giving it its life, was not ready to be fooled. The arrow pointed up. Why click a shot of a scene when I have a better view here?  

                         It was 7 years ago that Arnav decided to take up science even after having a love for literature. Science! Why not literature, I seemed to have asked him all these years only to never get an answer. Sheets of scores from his childhood bragging about his excellence in sciences fooled him into tacking sciences, but his heart still beats for literature, craving for a chance. But what now? The arrow now pointed towards right, move right, urging voicelessly. He has come too far to make a choice now. He didn't choose the right grounds to start the panorama mode of his life and now he can just only follow the arrow, his decision, the ever urging one, yes……..his only panorama of life!!!

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