Breaking By Roots

October 13, 2014

9 feet tall, spreading its beautiful arms to embrace everyone it stood amidst the little creepers and a few concrete boulders of a broken wall fence. It stood rather strong now, today, it stood like never before, that little tree.
                                3 years back when Mr. Singh decided to plant it in the open courtyard, he was very skeptic of its survival. A thin helpless sapling bending by the stroke of a little breeze, how it would survive the constant patrolling of herbivores? Indeed the chances were low. But he decided to plant it fending by a circular wall of bricks around it like a little cage of protection.
                             2 years after the fencing and its root were pouring themselves deeper and deeper into the womb of the soil, it was more than ready to withstand anything. Mr. Singh on the other was still cynic of its healthy growth and the day when few of the cattle in his open courtyard breached the brick wall, he decided to cement the fence.
                                                                               A cemented fencing!! Why? It felt like being caged, like not being given freedom to bloom and spread. Traumatized, but it could never say a thing to Mr. Singh about its lonely pacific nights, about the little chat people have under it when Mr. Singh gets busy inside, nor about the poor burglar who broke into the house only to be scared away by Rox, Mr. Singh’s dog. Never had it spoken a thing to him about the ruthless hindrance that cemented fencing was causing it, simply because it cannot……
                       A year past since then and it tried to box itself within the fence as much as possible, but it was just not enough. Like the little bird that needs to fly off the nest, like the last strong hit on the boulder in the stream’s path only to make a way, it’s root broke the fence, emerging out of it to spread to huge extents……. Like the era of anarchy finally ended by the thoughts of freedom…. Like the final breaking by roots!!!


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