Cupid's turn- a verse of love and hatred

November 01, 2014

Hatred forged, disaster stricken,
Murderous souls no mercy reckoned,
The least beauty in the fabric of time,
A weave, god said was not mine,
Heliographies of the wasted emotion,
A heart, amidst the chaotic nation,
When cupid was flying back to Olympus,
With his arrows, looking less pompous,
What shall the fate here be?
He stood there for once to see,
The little world beside the ocean,
Washed of peace, hatred swallowed potion,
Ruins of the broken wall,
Rammed like it was hell’s call,
A man with a lady in sight,
The only two against the hideous fight,
While all others summoned death,
They smuggled themselves into forest wealth,
Neutral hearts, clear as crystal shinning,
No hatred, cupid went deep mining,
And then he knew he had a shot now,
The two were to fall in love, but how?
He pulled an arrow, rested on his bow,
Only to have the hatred show,
Launched it right to the chest of man,
Where the seed of love can,
Grow and bloom like pretty orchid,
Everlasting and placid,
And then an arrow at the woman’s heart,
Love planted by the cupid smart,
They succumbed to love in each other,
Like two bodies but a soul in together,
Cupid smiled and finally whispered the word,
Spread love and make this place a better world!!!

“A city where the feeling of hatred has forged a disaster and made all the people murderous, conspiring deaths and killing each other it was hard for cupid, the roman god of love to go back to mount Olympus, the gods land in roman mythology, ignoring the chaos. He stood there to see the destruction and was worried about the diminishing love. Amidst the chaos and hatred a man and a lady, who did not have any malice or hatred at heart decided to run away from the destruction. Cupid felt their pure hearts and decided to invoke love among them. He shoots an arrow at the man and then the second one at the lady and they fall in love. Cupid then whispers softly to them that they have to protect their love and eventually spread amidst the people who are caught in claws of hatred!!! “

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