From the writer's ink

November 03, 2014

You are to write as does a writer’s pen,
Like the verse that long freed men,
So break down the art of thinking,
Rebuild, rethink, rehearse, reborn,
And be the one, not sinking,
Do not despair, agonize, halt or rest,
Embrace the core, let go off your crest,
So bring all that you can,
From the little shelves of your heart,
The nooks of your brain,
The marrows of your life
From the gutters of your vein,
 And weave them all up to fabricate,
To pull it over world, the vicious crate,
With the words clearly knitted,
Carpe-Diem! Seize the day!
So I ask, celebrating your soul,
What will be your verse, today?

            This poem urges a writer to encourage himself into creating wonders by having a whole new perspective towards life exemplifying the fact that he is the one who can have a different thinking, ability to judge things and who can eventually create some marvelous verses to contribute in the legacy of literature!! 

* Carpe-Diem means "Seize the day" and is an inspiration from the movie "Dead Poets Society"* 

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