Herald Of Triumph

November 27, 2014


(This is the 25th post of the blog and I wrote this one dedicating to the wonderful works of Shakespeare and his splendid sonnets, poems of 14 lines!! )

POEM(aping sonnet):
"The sap of the grim tree, checked,
And you whine its loss, oh simple you,
You are the sailor of great seas, Poseidon blessed,
The one who begot will just not glare,
But leese the grip of age-old despair,
You seek triumph then be it so,
For the one in a million, conspicuous,
The one that you are you know,
Abate the desires for vicious glutton of luck,
Meet the prosperity with thy work.
And of all the sap shall flow again,
The lost shall bloom, gaudy and gay,
And you will be the splendid herald,
Of splendor, triumph, glory that will stay".


"The sap of the tree (life) has stopped flowing, causing fatal consequences,
He mourns the loss of the tree (his life), but,
He has so much to achieve over an ocean of options,
And if he is caught, he will just not stare,
But free(leese) self from grip of despair/hopelessness,
And if he searches for victory then be it so,
He is one in a million, obvious to notice(conspicuous),
He is, now he knows,
He should give up his desire for huge luck,
And realize his dreams through sheer hard work,
Then the sap of tree i.e, his life, will flow again,
The tree shall bloom, happy and celebrating,
And he will be the splendid messenger(herald),
Of splendor, triumph and glory of life-time."

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