Workaholic's New Year Gift

December 28, 2014

“This is the report on the sculptures we have excavated at the Mayan excavation site”, Stanius drew the little blue file, from his bag that he packed for the flight at the moment he got a call for the sudden meeting at the departmental office at an hour ago, and handed it over to Mrs. Herlet.
                    A 25 year old workaholic, Stanius was one of the few on the excavation team who have earned their degrees in Archeology. Not sparing a moment for life he has managed to earn a lot of money and a huge team for the Mayan excavation.
         “Ma’am these are the 2 drawings of the sculptures we have managed to excavate so far. They seem to be related to the CHICHEN ITZA, the flying serpent”, Stanius beamed as he told about the drawings. Mrs. Herlet opened the file and glanced through the paper. She flipped the file close and signed Stanius to take it from her and read the content in it. Stanius reached to grab the file but was hesitant as the look on her face was not pleasant at the moment. He opened it and gasped to fall silent. Mrs. Herlet urged him commandingly to read out to her, adeptly hiding a smile on her stern face. Stanius took a deep breath and pitched his voice loud enough for her to hear it. He read”, Dear Jane, of all the people in this world you have understood me the best. I am a workaholic and I also screw up things very often but falling in love with you was the sanest things I have ever done and before I screw this up too I want to ask you….. Will you marry me? PS. this is the gift I promised you for the New Year “He whispered the last three words”, I love you”. Stanius sunk his head into the file and blushed.

            “Stanius you screwed up again”, Mrs.Herlet bursted into a laugh while he wondered about the Mayan papers he mistakenly left wrapped for Jane by the Christmas tree. He blushed and whispered with a smile " yes ma'am i screwed up again".

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