A Long Awaited Dawn

January 04, 2015

From the overgrown fern in the backyard,
To the hanging picture on my wall,
The uprooted half withered tree,
The broken rope of swing,
Dusted yet mud swallowed,
In the barks of the fell ones,
The bird searched for its nest,
But it could not see which I can,
A new bud blossoms on the horizon,
Drenched in the rays, whose aura so grand,
To help the little one stand,
Drinking from the cup of dewdrops,
Sway when the gay grass hopper hops,
It urges me to grow,
To leave things and let go,
To move ahead, to push on,
To welcome this long awaited dawn.

                   Thanks for reading.... Wish you a joyous New Year... Have a great year ahead!!

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