Curse and Love

February 14, 2015

(The first half of the story was contributed by a friend, Snigdha, who by herself is an excellent freelance writer)

       The blazing sun shone like a diamond. Its rays were so bright that humans flinched at its shine and in those sunny rays was a man of magnificence. His robes shined as the rays tell on it. His eyes were so black that you could tell the empty void just by a glance. His wispy golden hair dazzled and swayed with the wind. But it wasn’t any of these that defined his magnificence. It was a pair of black wings that were attached to his back, like a shroud that covers a corpse. His gaze was fixed at something that no one else could see. His eyes, filled with loneliness, began to fill with hope he wished he never had. He quirts his gaze in frustration, but he couldn’t do for a long time because his eyes seeks that one thing he can never have, a woman. His eyes, his heart, his body and his soul seeks that woman. A woman so different from him, in mind, in body, in soul, aura, that it ached just to look at her. He hardens his gaze and turns away from her, trying to be go unheeded from everyone and most importantly from the woman, he loves, for he was not there to love her but KILL HER!!!!

      But how could he hurt the one he now loved the most. Guilt filled his empty eyes and the aroma that the wind carried, seems to kill something inside him. He caught a last glance of her from the corners of his eyes. The glance that would suffice for the rest of his oblivion life and her smell would keep him alive till his last breath. The little withered leaves at his feet rustled and the sun hid himself behind the clouds in fear as if it knew what his masters would do to him if he left the woman alive, the angel that fell from heaven. With his serene disposal and chaotic heart he widespread his wings for once to fly away and embrace what may come, for life or death did not matter to him anymore because he was already leaving himself with her.
                                     But the fate has scripted a whole different story on the universe’s psyche and what it withheld was unheard of. She swiftly moved towards him amidst the rustling leaves. Everything fell silent and the sun peeped from the corner of a cloud, still apprehensive. His dark wings embraced him more as she neared, as if they fear they would part from him. She reached him and drew her petal soft palm from her white gown to place it on his shoulder. The touch felt like a long craved cupid’s arrow and he felt a deep sting till his nerves. He felt dying. He felt destroyed.
                            He stooped on the ground, screaming inside as his wings fell off on his sides. His eyes glowed like a diamond with her aura in it. He peeped up to realize that it was this touch that was going to break his curse, make him human again, allow him to be in love. HE WAS REBORN.

(Thank you for reading)

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