Batman Vs Superman

March 11, 2015

So what are you here for?
The Kryptonian asked,
While he pulled his red drape near,
In the aisle of medical hall,
Backache! The Dark Knight uttered,
Slipping a prescription on the pharmacist desk,
he muttered,
You are so powerful with the Kryptonian muscle,
Enough to defeat Lex Luther in a simple wrestle,
Then what has put you in such a hassle?
(Batman smirks)

The scorching sun has given me burns,
When I fly, my Kryptonian skin churns,
My freeze breath does not cool me anymore,
Wonder-Woman admitted me here for the right cure,

(Few seconds of awkward silence
 and then…)

I know your work out is wide spoken,
How could this disease have you taken?
(Superman grinned)

Constant traffic and the narrow Gotham aisle,
I had a spine ache driving the bat mobile,
The doctor says I must resort to rest,
And call Joker to forgo crime,
At the doctor’s behest,

And they shook hands for all time sakes,
Walked away with their slithering capes…

(Meanwhile, 384,400 km away at watch-Tower......)
Where are they, the two helpless freak?
Cried in unison, the hall of Justice League!!!!

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