Emotions Unveiled- Guest poems by Annamaria Ayyad

March 01, 2015


Looking out the frozen window on this February morning,
I hear the Herald of spring on his perch above the garden.
His dapper vestment of feathers for official declaration.
The red-winged blackbird's shrill announcement of spring,
Melodious in the crisp cold air of dying winter.
Shake off those blankets of mother's bundling.
Hear the humming of the giant yellow sun rising.
It is time to wake, young princes,
Into the garden of new beginnings.
He calls for you, sent by God's hand.
His duty done, he flies to other sleepers.
Awake, awake to hope and new life.
Cries the Herald of Spring.


I Weave

I weave a garland of the
Flowers that hang on your gate.
They bleed soft purples and pinks
Petals that still hold heaven's dew,
But they pale against your beauty.

I gather the crystals of the earth
Wash them in the waters,
Dry them in the kisses of the sun,
But the lights of your eyes
Make them seem stones.

I find the fire at the core of being
And in it all the desires of this world.
Yet, when I bring it to you,
It becomes a candle in the ocean,

Compared to your radiance.

© Annamaria Ayyad


 Annamaria Ayyad

  Annamaria Ayyad is a working mother of four who enjoys writing as a hobby.  She also spends her spare time sketching  the nature around her town and painting murals for children’s rooms.  She is originally from Molise, Italy, but was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and now resides in Woodbridge, Ontario.  She can be contacted at annamaria.ayyad@gmail.com

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