The Silent Screams- Guest poems by Chad Bittner Hurt

March 03, 2015


It’s my claim to fame
the fabric said to the hand
I’ll make your heart melt
with my extraordinary softness
I feel lost without a name
I need a designation
dashing dapper dare I say svelte
the hand’s reply was positively grand
Bequeathing a moniker sweet as a kiss
From this day forward you’ll be felt

                                                                 AMBER EASY

Gush and rush
to your brain and toes
Godspeed to your knees
Bow at the feet of the toads
When their mouths swell
take heed of the stoic repose
in the face of environmental ruin
While for us this feeling of dread
Well it comes and goes
Just the life of a human
lost in our own head I suppose
That’s what they keep telling me
but nothing is true man
because no one knows
how things’ll turn out to be
when the sun burns out
and the final wind blows
So I’ll just open my heart
pour it all out
however this love spills
I’ll just let it be so
a buoy in an ocean of doubt
clutching my straw
smugly fulfilled
a fool in the flow
holding fast to outlast
the highs and lows


 Chad Bittner Hurt has always expressed himself through creative endeavors whether he was writing epic tales for his menagerie of action figures, studying musical theater, and producing electronic music. Then when he was first exposed to Buddhist philosophy he sought to dedicate himself to a life of contemplation as a monk. After selling his belongings and cropping his coif, the inevitable he met the love of his life and reframed his perspective to pursue marriage and family.  Chad’s poetry is inspired by his devotion to spirituality, family, and service. He is a big softy that speaks in spells, conjuring the lovely on a daily basis.

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