Warp of The Blues- Chapter 2

April 19, 2015

                                              The warmth of the sharp beam of sunrays brightened the aura beyond his closed eyes and his diaphanously opened eyes flinched at the brightness of the rays after the night’s storm. He was lying with his face down on the sand and his black hair were muddied. His smooth Virginian face which had the growth of the most inconspicuous facial hair despite his 23 years of age was buried in the sand. The sea Gulls which pecked at the fishes were now swirling above his head. He tried getting up but his swampy clothes felt heavier than ever. The sun flinched him and he realized that he has managed to survive the ghastly night, though he remembered nothing of how he was flung out by the waves on a piece of floating wooden plank from Isabella and how the waves cradled him through the storm while he lied soullessly unconscious on it.
         He thrust his hands on the ground and pulled himself up. He was on the shore of a desolated island. The rocks that arranged themselves between the palm and shrubs were taller than him. He could see the shore take a curve on his either side. The tress that covered the entire island were not familiar to him except for the coconuts and the banyan. He saw the gulls tear snatch the dead fish and a crab slid to his feet with the wave.
                     A sudden noise caught his attention and he turned around to see a pack of swallows soar high clamoring above an antique house on the edge of the cliff. The house looked tiny from the shore but he could tell by its air that it was not inhabited by anyone anymore. A sudden cloud of smoke rose from the roof after the noise and he kept staring at the house in amazement. A man with a similar built as his stormed out of the house to see the cloud of smoke rise above it. A rush of bliss ran across his veins when he saw the structure of a human on the cliff. The man who was staring at the house, now shifted his gaze on him.  Zack was already waving his both hands to grab the attention of the man. He screamed but soon realized it was all in vain. The man waved both his hands in synchronization and before they could exchange any more signals, Zack rushed into the thick bushes to climb the cliff.
                      The palm trees stood at the entrance of the forest and he had to push his way through the big leafed bushes that hampered his advancement. It was a small uphill climb but the marshy soil made it hard for him to do his best at running. He pushed every branch, torn open the creeper coverings, jumped over the rocks to finally reach the top of the cliff. From the top he saw the ocean stretch till horizons in every direction. His gaze fell on the house at the edge of the cliff where he saw the man from the shore. He rushed towards it to look for help. He was panting breathlessly for air and when he reached at the door of the house, he halted to smuggle some air into his lungs.
                              The house was an antique built one. With the scribbling of some gibberish and the texture of an art that felt like that of Mayan era, it was nothing less than a haunted place. He flung open the door and threw a quick glance in every direction to find anybody. He also shouted “anybody there?” to be left with no response while his voice echoed in the dark house. The windows were blocked by a pile of planks and the little light that smuggled in from the roof top fell on a string hanging from the roof. Mistaking it to be some kind of a pull switch, he pulled the string hard. A loud noise burst out from the chimney of the house and he could hear the swallows scream and flutter away in fear. He stormed out of the house to see what had happened. He saw a cloud of smoke rise from the roof top and the swallows soar high. His gaze immediately shifted to a man standing on the shore with his both hands waving at him. He looked a lot familiar, for he had the similar coat he was wearing and his built was same as his. He thought he was the same man he saw a little while ago on the cliff and before they could exchange anymore signals he rushed down the hill from the other side.
            He threw himself to slither down the hill like a plank slipping down a soft elevation. He crossed the thick bushes and dodged the branches to finally reach the bottom of the hill. He ran out of the thick bush across the beach to reach the point on the shore where he saw the man. It was exactly the same place from where he saw the man on the cliff. He looked around desperately but found no one. He suddenly heard a loud noise from the cliff. A cloud of smoke rose from the house and the swallows soared high in fear. He again saw a man storm out of the house to look at the rising smoke. He started waving with both his hands again but now he could make out a bit that the man looked exactly like him from far. A chill flowed his spine and his heart rushed blood so ghastly that he felt dying when he realized it was none other than him and he was struck in a loop of situations. His lips trembled in fear when he realized he was caught in the mystifying Time Warp of the Blues. 

(And yeah this was the ending of the series.....hope you enjoyed it)

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