Men Come And Go

April 24, 2015

I see men come and men go,
Like the wind on meadows that flow,
I hear them whisper deep desires,
Like the arrows that the mind fires,
I see them chase the city glitters,
To finally fall like the tree that withers,
I feel their agony behind the smiles,
Which sparks a heart-fire from miles,
I see them curse the dawning sun,
And not see the amber melt in the sapphire ocean,
I see them walk like a lifeless herd,
All clamoring but none to be heard,
I see them whimper silent weep,
And the endless grey in their eyes deep,
I see them fall by a breeze of pain,
Drowning in its endless daunting rain,
I see them and when I finally see me,
I see a great desire to be free,
But when I ask, for what good of life
Have you homed the dead willow tree?
 Quiet and masked in the vicious worldly glow,
They leave me to see hapless men come and go.

(This poem was to celebrate World Book Day on 23-April. Thanks for reading)

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