April 19, 2016

Let the winds from the moon,
Whisper in your ears,
The odes of travelers,
Let the sky drizzle stars,
And lakes be filled with lights,
In which you bathe anew ,
Let your brush on canvas,
Unravel a new story,
That which be told for ages,
Let the incense from clouds,
Descend as petrichor,
And Waft with you to the hills,
Let your voice strike a cord,
And music flow through ,
the veins of the leaves,
Let a cold summer breeze,
Dangle your beach cut hair,
Let your dreams take you there,
Where galaxies finally meet ,
All the lost dreamers,
Let the night sky turn darker,
And the oceans bluer,
Let the cities get calmer,
And you lose yourself forever,
Let your lips smile at the world,
With your eyes speaking your heart,
Let you travel the time and space,
And be the wanderlust ,
who has a summer dream.

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