Seasons of Love

July 15, 2018

If and 
When the spring that blossoms
On the desolate branches
Kisses you
And your lips shudder
I will be jealous

If and
When the autumn
With its myriad leaves
Touches you
And your beautiful skin smiles
I will be jealous

If and 
When the hot summers
With its parching embrace
Holds you
And be instead calmed
By your soothing touch
I will be jealous

If and 
 When the cold winters
With its chilling stories
Whisper to you
And you listen to them
Like you do to me
I will be jealous

For you may not know
What these divine frauds
With their colorful flowers
And naked trees
The warm days
And cold dreams
Make me feel
You may never
Understand my jealousy

And when I look at your
Nascent face
With eyes gorges deep
I fumble when I try to tell
What my heart speaks

Oh! my seamless Love,
To you, I am me
But to me
You are everything.

Pic Source: Google. Painting by Gustav Klimt.

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