The Last Song

July 17, 2018

Listen to your breath
While you scoop a little fire
From the womb of the sun

Feel the touch of the sky
That blankets over
Your ugly naked body

Touch the blood
That rushes in your veins
Red, boiling, fuming blood

See how the winds have
Chiseled the mountains
And the rivers have cut

Deep wounds into the earth
Like the ones
That your pale yellow skin flaunts

Experience the pain
That only a dying flower can feel
Giving away her beauty
 To the lust of time

Plucked you are too
From your garden of dreams

So now, wake up 
And sing with me the final song
The lullaby to the eternal sleep.

Poem Copyrights: Abhishek Kumar. (Dabbler Scribbles)
Pic Source: Google. Painting by Gustav Klimt: Titled- Death and Life

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