September 08, 2014

Long, long ago. Wait!! Not very long before WhatsApp came into picture, a great user whom all the rest called “THE CREATOR”, created a group, “THE KINGDOM” and added all the contacts of the world. He subsequently passed the group Adminship to his users era after era and the present admin was Prince Of Verona. Years of chat were carried with all the love and affection before two contacts by name Montagues and Capulets, due to personal conflicts, finally left the group. Prince of Verona, mad at this, decreed that anyone else who created a problem will have their accounts deleted, and he meant it this time. On the other side the Montagues and the Capulets made their own personal groups and never chatted again with each other.
Years later, Romeo Montague, who was friend of Rosaline and Juliet Capulet, who was a friend of Paris got accidentally added to a group called “Masquerade Ball”. Not knowing each other’s family groups, Romeo and Juliet chatted and eventually fell in love. Later they realized that they were from a rival group and cannot be together. Knowing of the apocalypse, Romeo asked Friar Laurence, a friend of Romeo, to create a group with his and Juliet’s alternate numbers. Romeo gave his new number and Juliet asked her nurse to give her number to Friar Laurence. Her nurse met Mercutio, another friend of Romeo and gave him Juliet’s number to give it to Friar.
Friar created a new group and after joining Romeo and Juliet, quitted the group and made Romeo the group admin. He also changed their location status on Google.
         A little later Tybalt Capulet of the Capulets forcibly deleted the account of Benvolio Montague. Mad at this Romeo deleted the account of Tybalt Capulet.
         The PRINCE OF VERONA, admin of the great group “THE KINGDOM”, decided to punish Romeo by deleting his account. Romeo scared of it hid his online status for some time.
         Juliet came to know about all this when her nurse messaged her. Meanwhile the lord Capulet decided that Juliet should change her number and join a group with Paris within 2 days. Paris forcefully tried to change her number but could not succeed.
     A little later, amidst the chaos, Friar Laurence hatched a plan to avoid the number exchange by asking Juliet to uninstall her Whatsapp for 42 hours. She agrees to do so but could not inform Romeo because of bad network signals.
    Romeo got a notification, a rumor, that Juliet has deleted her account. Taken back by the tragedy he deletes his account himself. Just then Juliet re installs her Whatsapp and re activates her account. Shell shocked by the incident she mourns about her loss. Meanwhile Paris tries to send angry emoticon to her. 
 Broken into tears she finally deletes her account and goes offline forever with her Romeo.

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