Scrambled Words- A walk through Illiteracy

September 13, 2014

“Excuse me, which way is to the bus station?” I asked a heavy built man who was all dressed up in the south Indian attire.” Which way… the bus station?” I asked him again. 12 pm in the noon and I was all lost in the streets of an old city of Madras. Old city, I guessed, going by the houses and their architecture. Sweating in the heat, breathing hard and all tired of the futile walk to get to bus station, I had a little luggage that I dragged with myself. No other means of transport made itself available and the people at the center couldn't understand my say. The sign boards that read the address, name of shops, were all in the local language and I stood staring at them like a non-literate. Non literate! Like a guy who cannot map himself to any of the gibberish that was written. Trying hard to make sense out of them but failing all the time. Like a mouse trapped in a cheese trap. The words on the sign board were laughing at me! Scared and distorted, I drew myself to the shade of a shop. The words still dancing in my head, screaming, making me all helpless. Helpless! Yes… the most helpless of all creations ever. Helpless because I couldn't fathom the script, couldn't understand them…. Helpless because I couldn't contemplate anything for myself at the moment. Helpless because I felt helpless. I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe.

                                    7 billion people in the word and almost 1 billion of them stand non-literate, I remembered an article on” ILLITERACY RATE”! Whoa, 1 billion, that’s 26% of world’s population, I was amazed by the memory of the facts. 1 billion people who feel helpless every day, every moment, who feel like they are living in the trap, not trying to escape it anymore…. Not trying to free themselves anymore….. Simply because they cannot. 1 billion people who stare at every sign board waiting for it to speak for itself. 1 billion people who feel lost at every step of their life, 1 billion people who are helpless forever and I was worried at my little helplessness? I chuckled at my thoughts! 

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