The First One

September 23, 2014

Anybody can answer this? The professor cleared his throat only to scream again….. Anyone? I knew what he was asking for, what he expects as an answer but I chose not to raise a voice or my hand. Saturday afternoon cradling in the soft breezes which sneaked in through the window, accompanied by the euphoria of the new blossoms touched by their aroma, swept through the aisle between the desks and finally hit me on my face. It was the best season of the year, spring, and I was stuck in the monotonous loop of lectures. No one knows? The professor deeply craved for an answer now. But I did not raise my arm.
     Why be the first one to be telling, first one to raise a voice even if I am capable of? I drew back on my bench among the little whispers.
                100 decades back when the human race was on a merge of being a better civilization, a better society which encompassed the mark of beginning of kingship by what law was the first king chosen? I was struck by a random thought. The first one? Who would enjoy decades of dictatorship, years of royalty, and eras of unquestionable powers? Was it not someone who chose to be the first among the rest of equals………the equals who did not have the guts to raise a voice or be the first one? Over 60 eminent civilizations which have shaped the modern world came into existence only because someone from the mob decided to be the first one to start, the first to raise a thought…….Yes… indeed the first one!!

                                 I chuckled at my thoughts and raised my hand. Sir I do!!!!!  

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