The Unnoticed

September 28, 2014

“Miss Neer you look as pretty as ever”. Arnav blushed as he saw Miss Neer. It was the seventh floor of the company and Arnav has his desk in the rightmost corner of the floor, desk number 26. Arnav had a liking for Miss Neer. He loved the smell of her perfume, the sweet cardilac, the little pearl necklace around her neck, her wonderful smile and her pink dress that she wore every day!  Same pink skirt with that pretty pearl necklace …. Every day! She looked charming and Arnav never asked a reason for her monotonous attire.
                  3 months ago on 14 July, 2014, Arnav was hired as an accountant in the company. He has been a rather confined to work guys since then, except for his little chats to Miss Neer, whose desk was beside his…the last in the row…desk number 27! Miss Neer was shy too, she never spoke to anyone else, never left her desk even for coffee. People in the company giggled whenever Arnav speaks with her. Arnav never mentioned about his liking or never spoke of her with his colleagues. He got her coffee in the breaks, but Miss Neer never drank one. Every time he offered, she whispered “coffee kills” and chuckles refusing it. It all seemed like Arnav was her only friend in company and none bothered heeding her presence either.
                                 Saturday night and Arnav had to take an extra shift to complete his target. Miss Neer was at her desk too, and nobody else was on the floor. Arnav had to get a file to complete his documentation from the store room, the attender was already gone for the day and he left store keys with him. He smiled at Miss Neer and moved towards the store room. Third room from the lift, he walked amidst the silence of the floor and the dim light that shone only near his desk. Miss Neer was still at her desk, watching him, smiling. He opened the door and turned on the light. Pile of dowdy files covered by a sheet of dust filled the room. He kept searching with his eyes transfixed on the racks and files. He tumbled over a box and fell down and in his attempt to hold a rack, few files fell on the floor.                                                      
                                                                    Pink file, with blots of ink on it with a similar smell of cardilac fell near him and a paper peeped out of it. It was Miss Neer’s record. He got up and picked the file. A chill flowed through his spine when he read a news report amidst the documents…..
                            14 July, 2013
                                                  Neer, an employee in a reputed company, died an un-natural death yesterday when a coffee machine exploded at her house after she returned from her office…………………

        He caught his breathe to peep out. There was no body on the floor now!!!!

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