Seventh Floor Friends

October 28, 2014

It was Rudra’s 5th gaze at the building today. He comes every day to the park with his umbrella and gaze at the 7th floor of the Mortan Apartments at least once, but today he was all stuck there.
                                  Handling the company’s marketing, he earned great and had all the luxuries one can mention. He had no regrets but a pile of flashing memories and now that his friends moved to other state except him, he craved for those days more…and today he stood there wishing for the old days to return.
        5 years ago while studying in the state engineering college Rudra managed to make few acquaintances and eventually friends for life time. Arnav, Neel and Alok shifted with him to the 7th floor of the Mortan Apartments and lived there for the rest of the college years.
      It was already drizzling now and Rudra drew his umbrella out while still staring at the balcony of his room on the 7th floor. A tear fell from his eyes and soon disappeared in the rain.
                    5th of July, the same day as today when he heard few noises of people talking in his locked room while he was trying to open the door. Arnav, Neel and Alok have all suddenly gone out for various reasons and Rudra had none to share the bliss of his birthday, his 19th birthday.
                                      He never celebrated his birthday, neither at the orphanage nor at the community school. It was his scholarship that allowed him a study at the state college and he was always more reserved than rest. But today he craved for a companion… he swiftly inserted the key in the door lock and twisted once, the noises calmed, and he twisted twice. He grabbed the door knob and opened the door.
             “I wish they were here”, he muttered while turning the lights on………
                               Happy Birthday to you,
                               Happy Birthday to you,
                               Happy Birthday dear Rudra,
                              Happy Birthday to you!!!!
                                   Arnav, Neel and Alok sang their lungs out with a little cake in their hands. 
                    A tear rolled down his cheeks and he hugged them with a smile and all the bliss he can.!!!!
 He snapped out of his memories.  “Miss you guys”, he whispered while still staring at the building!! Miss you! 

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