And He Felt It!

September 10, 2014

It was not before the fall of spring that he realized what he was getting into. Why his nights go insomniac, why he feels a rush of blood every time now, why he fumbles or at times end up eating all the words, why he plays that song again and again, why he couldn't get his classes right anymore. So many whys and he has already waited over a year to understand the feeling.
      The little green plant, the 5 pebbles on his table, his books, the box of his favorite pens and his beautiful diary, everything lay untouched for over a week now. He doesn't sit at his table anymore, he doesn't write a new verse or even utter a word. Calm and drenched in his thoughts.
                 Staring out of his room’s window, letting the breeze feel his breathe, gazing at the stars at night, watching the leaves of his orange blossom tree dance, counting her only picture in his phone over and over again. 1248 times … 1249 times now and it was not before the fall of spring, when the orange blossom tree decided to bloom for him, not before the fireflies decided to glow for him on that moonless night, not before the picture in his phone smiled back at him, not before he played her favorite song over a million times and not before he closed his eyes over a shooting star and whispered to himself, “I love her, damn I do”, that he knew that he was in love.

Down at soul where I breathe my dreams,
The voice of my heart screams,
I have fumbled, fallen million times,
Hold my hand and show what love means,
I have burnt myself in the rains,
Felt it deep till my veins,
For this life and all the ones to come,
With you in it now, is all which means,
Down at soul where I breathe my dreams
Can’t breathe without you anymore,
My love, the heart screams.


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